Purpose Assessment through Colour

Your personal colour choices tell the story of your life. It shows how your body, heart, mind, and spirit react to stress, and how to get better at handling challenges. It also reveals your hidden gifts and talents, as well as your gift from the Universe or, as I call it, your Purpose. A Purpose Assessment is an in-depth look at your past, present and future using the beautiful gentle yet powerful language of colour. It takes the form of a 90-minute one-to-one session with me and the cost is $79. As soon as I receive your colour choices, you will get the invoice and when it is paid, we set up a virtual session to discuss the outcomes. Afterwards, you also receive a beautiful report summarising the reading, called YOUR STORY IN COLOUR.

    Step 1: Watch the short video above followed by completing the colour diagram below

    Step 2: Enter your colour selection below

    TIP: To view the colour name you’ve selected, simply hover over the colour in the diagram.

    Purpose Assessment


    Purpose Assessment Feedback

    I had a wonderful experience with my Colour Assessment. Lien is very good at putting people at ease and it is clear that she is very knowledgeable about the subject of using colour as a soul language. Her findings during our session was very informative and helped me to zoom in on aspects in my life that need to be seen and heard by my soul. After the session, the thorough written report Lien prepared was also very useful to capture all the information in a very understandable and logical format for further exploration. All in all, the experience really helped me to explore my spiritual awareness to indicate areas where soul growth is needed.
    Thank you so much Lien for sharing your gift with me!

    Marise Hyman

    Preconception, prenatal and parenthood doula (Copenhagen)

    If you’re thinking about doing a session with Lien, go for it already! I don’t know how her magic works, but in one session alone she gave me a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on in my life and what I can do to improve it, deep insights into my talents and what I need to release (and how to do it), and real tools to take my own healing out into the world. I can’t thank you enough, Lien!

    Sophie Dalton

    Business Coach (Seattle)

    I met with Lien for a consult and came away with so much more than I had thought I was getting in a simple brand colour consultation. She really helped me nail down my ideal customer in a way that my expensive business coach never even got close to accomplishing. She’s incredibly intuitive! Highly recommend!

    Amanda Butler

    SuperLawyer (Louisiana)

    I met Lien while developing my online courses that teach confidence on camera, how to optimise your personal branding photo and video shoots and leverage your photos and videos via effective visual marketing. She gave me a new level of insight and inspiration about how we can use colour in our lives, relationships, as well as personal and business branding. In the Colour Assessment that Lien did for me, she shared fascinating advice such as how I can use red to keep me grounded, while boosting my strength and vitality. I’m so grateful for learning this from Lien, and for the opportunity to introduce others to the benefits of her work via my courses. Thank you, Lien! You are not only knowledgeable, but a treat to work with too!

    Naomi Estment

    Personal Branding Photographer and Videographer (Johannesburg)