Corporate Creativity Lunch&Learn


Join our weekly Corporate Creativity Lunch&Learn classes and bring growth, success, and happiness into your organisation.


Programme details

The Corporate Creativity Lunch&Learn online classes are 45 minutes of actionable, impactful learning.

Boost your own and your team’s creativity with these topics:
  • The 10 dimensions of a creative climate and how to implement them instantly.
  • The 5-step creative process and how to use it to find workable solutions to most problems.
  • The 4 creativity crushers and how to overcome them for good.
  • The top 5 characteristics of a creative person and how to cultivate these abilities while having fun.
  • The 4 creative risks you can take with 0% chance of failure.
  • The 7 creative types and how to recognise your type.
Who’s this for?

Female leaders, managers and entrepreneurs looking to develop their own creativity and cultivate a culture of creativity in their workplace.